I am getting my hair trimmed this week! I will bring Yodit the pictures to get her opinion on short hair. I was told by previous stylists that I have the face for any type of hair length, so that is encouraging. So, I have been asking people IRL and all say that I will regret going short because it will be a shock to go from my current length (shoulder blade) to 3 or 4 inches of hair.

Also, I figured out how to used Getty Images so, if you think of people who have short hair and cannot find their pictures can you just post their names. I will see if their pictures are on Getty Images.

Potterville, I love your short hair pictures. Actually, your hair looks great at any length. I hope mine does, too.

And you know I will post pictures! I actually took some pictures because I had a fabulous hair day with Curlisto products but I could not get them to load on Fotki. I will try again later this week.
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