I know what you mean. My niece's hair does that with braids in and my sister tries to wrap a silk scarf around her head at night, but you know kids sleep wild, so it's always off the next morning

I can get it braided cheap, so the money isn't an issue. But I want to keep it up for at least 6 months to a year and I don't want my edges all jacked up. Like Curlilocs said, maybe if I just keep it well moisturized it will be ok. I have been slicking my hair back in buns and ponytails all my life and my edges are ok, so maybe braids won't hurt either. At least I am hoping.
Originally Posted by GabbyC
you want to keep the same set of cornrows in for 6 months? That's kind of too long, I think.

for me cornrows only last a week or 2 at most. And Ive never found them to be damaging. They seem to be a good break for my hair.

I just dont like cornrows because they dont look good with my head shape. I need a lot of hair out for my type of face/head.
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