Happy Birthday HeatherNicole!

I love Welsh Corgis too. They are so adorable. I already have a cat and 3 parakeets, but I'd loooove to have a doggie, too...I don't think the BF would go for it, though.

I was really hoping to leave work early today (been working long hours this week), but I don't know if that's gonna happen.
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I feel your pain. I just calculated my hours for the week and Monday through Thursday I worked 45 hours. That doesn't even include the 8 hours I've been here today. I'm about to leave now though. I've worked late everyday this week. Can I have one day? Unfortunately, I'll have to log on this weekend and do a little work. I'm so much more productive when I don't have people sending me emails and IMs asking me to do this and do that.

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