So, why is he 'black'?
Why does it matter?
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I don't care one way or the other, but I read about him and what he says about himself. I think about excerpts from his book of his early days (HS, college, etc), how the media promotes him as potentially the first black president and I just wonder.

I'd also think it would be or was at some point, a real conflict for him. Grew up in a white community, white mother and grandparents...sort of mind boggling. Then he reconnected with his family in Africa and that must also have been a real trip.

My sister recounted a conversation she had with a coworker the other day. The woman (who is black) mentioned that she was not voting for him and that some of her community (circie of friends maybe? I can't find the word I want to use there) were shocked and mad at her because she wasn't going to. The woman told my sister that she'd told her friends and family that she considered him not black or white, but biracial. She felt that was a real advantage to him, but she was rather annoyed that her friends assumed she would automatically vote for him because the black community has endorsed him....and the conversation was playing back in the background of my mind and I just got to wondering....and wanted some feedback from here.

And thanks for the link. I missed that conversation.
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