Barack Obama is biracial: black and white. Now there are different reasons as to why Barack Obama is considered black:

1. The One Drop Rule: As mentioned earlier, the ODR is something that this country has used in terms of race for a long time. If a person has one drop of African blood in them, they are considered black. If the person has features that would be considered African (Wide nose, full lips, kinky hair, dark skin) then that person is considered black even if the person has a white parent or a parent of any other race. Make sense?

2. He calls himself black. If Barack Obama wants to call himself black then he can. He has said that he is biracial, but he identifies more with his black side. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong that. He can choose to identify with whatever he likes.

So those are the two major reasons why Barack is black. Like I said, biracial means that you are both races genetically, however, a person can choose to identify culturally with whatever side they choose.

If you're not that big of a Barack fan in the first place, why are you worrying about what race he is? It's his abilities that make him a good candidate for the presidency, not his race.
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