I agree with Michelle. Why exactly does it matter to you?
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Well, from my observation it obviously matters to the candidates too. Not just Obama, former candidate Bill Richardson plays up his Hispanic side far more than his American side (yes, I've read his bio).

<And to go on record, I don't like either candidate Rep or Dem.>
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I'm interested in why it matters to the OP specifically, especially since, like others have mentioned, she doesn't like Obama and has had only negative things to post about him so far. I want to know why Obama identifying as black is problem with her and/or a negative thing.

Richardson has been accused of being "fly by night white" by Hispanics. He's often brought up the fact that he's half white, half Hispanic (like in the quote in my signature). Are you accusing him of "playing up" his Hispanic side just for political gain? Maybe he is proud of being Hispanic. Maybe Obama is proud of being black. Every time a politician brings up his/her racial background, I doubt it is because they think it will help advance them. It is just who they are, and maybe they want to talk about it publicly now that they have the chance to be heard - minorities have been made to feel like we have to hush up because bringing up the r word makes people uncomfortable. In many if not most arenas in this 60% white majority country, being black or Hispanic is a major disadvantage, anyway. I'm tired of people accusing Obama of playing the race card. IMO, it's the other side playing it, covertly.
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Very nice post! You hit the nail on the head!
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