Ok. I have tried this for several days now I hate the results. My hair looks like....I don't even know how to describe it. Uneven, dry, retarded. I don't know. The paddlebrush thing just doesn't really seem to work for me consistently.
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Bummer!! I don't apply hair products in the shower because it seems too messy, and I prefer to apply them to damp hair. But I do swear by paddle brushes for detangling on soaking wet, conditioner saturated hair. I know from your posts that tangles have you down. Have you tried vent brushes??? Those are really good detanglers. And when you detangle by section, do you ever hold your hair tight towards the top and then brush the part below where you are holding your hair??? This speeds up the detangling process a lot.

Anyway, good luck GabbyC!!
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