I wash my cornrows either weekly or bi-weekly by just rinsing. I don't scrub... I dilute gentle shampoo w/ water in a little cup and pour it over my head to saturate, then I let the water run through to get the suds out. As they get older I'm able to lift each braid a little to let the water/poo get under and around it. HTH
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does anybody wash their hair while it is cornrowed? If so, how? thanks!
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Braiders always say you can't wash cornrows, only individual braids, so I never used to, but then I tried it and it didn't wreck my braids at all. I was just very gentle. I got my head wet in the shower, then I diluted some baby shampoo with water and applied it very carefully to each parting, got it a bit wetter, and then let the water rinse out the shampoo. I then blotted the top of my head with towels by pressing down to press the water out. Then I sprayed a spray-in leave in onto my hair and very gently oiled the parts with my pinky finger.
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Thanks guys! I think I'll get them done next week.