I had very good results today with the paddle brush *after* putting in my gel (mixed with some honey). It's the last picture on page 2 of my album.
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What is M&H leave-in?

Also, is the gel your mixture of Angell and Suave?

Two more questions: What type of fragrance does Angell have? What brand of paddle brush did you use?
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M&H is Suave's Milk and Honey Conditioner.

The gel mixture is AnGell, Suave's Anti-frizz aloe vera gel and Fruit of the Earth's aloe vera gel (thrown in for good measure). I love the AnGell and wanted to make it last longer, so I mixed it with a few of my cheaper gels.

AnGell smells like heaven. I cannot really describe it. It's a sweet and fresh smell. The brush is a Jerome Alexander paddle brush. I couldn't find a picture of it online, because it seems they no longer make it. But I will post a pic of mine, so you can get an idea of what I used.

ETA: Here it is.