I'd like my curls to clump together so that I have less strands of curly hair. Right now when its curly, its like the individual strands all make separate curls. In other words - I've got too many curls. I'd like to have less curls. If this makes any sense? I'd like the strands to clump together for fatter curls and less of them. Any ideas anyone? Am I making sense?
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Paddle brushing after you put your product in. If the curls look too fat, then scrunch gently, to break them up a bit more. It worked for me.
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when you apply product, how do you put the product onto your hair? smoothe it on (like shingling) or scrunch it on? and then you paddle brush your hair? i think i'll give that a try and see how it works for me. i'm coming off of years and years of never wearing my hair curly, so i'm learning...and trying to catch up. thanks for the help!
i'm new to this whole curly thing and slowly learning to be a better Curly Girl!!
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