The question was posed to get a reasoned response from the community here. I've read/heard a lot of questions and discussions on it and I apparently made the mistake of thinking that I could ask that question here and not have everyone's hackles raise over it...I've read blogs in various communities online and have read a wide variety of responses.

Guess that I won't make that mistake again.
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Did our responses differ from those you've gotten on other blogs? Did the other blogs explain that he HAD to choose according to the U.S. Census bureau? I can't imagine what other comments there could be. He's biracial, calls himself African American because that's what he is and that's what he looks like. How many different explanations can there be?

Another day, I'd love to know why, if you've seen the topic discussed other places and gotten reasoned responses, why it bothered you?

Nicole Ritchie is biracial but identifies as White. Tiger Woods is biracial but identifies as Caulablasian (sp?). Halle Berry is biracial but identifies as Black. None of their choices should bother any of us.