I found this site after reading the CurlyGirl book and when looking for a stylist when I moved to TX last summer.

Since high school (which was in the 80s for me) I have almost always either worn my hair super-short and spikey (and colored any number of colors at any given time) or down to my shoulders and straightened, but once I got down here where it is humid 9 months out of the year, I decided I really ought to just embrace my curly head.

Initially I just had what looked like a bad 80s perm... ugly stringy curls that when cut/styled by the salon guy I went to here, looked like I belonged on The Golden Girls. I wasted so much $ on products that weren't right for me, and almost gave up and went back to the flat iron (which, in TX, just turns to frizz the minute you walk out the door anyway).

I just started using JessiCurl products (I got the "light" sampler pack since I have very fine/thin hair) and wow, now I have curls! Nice round soft bouncy ones--no frizz, no crunch! Who'da guessed? Now I just need to let it grow grow grow... and I'm STILL looking for someone here I can trust to cut/trim it while I work on that.