Okay, I've been lurking for a while but I thought I just had to reply to this thread.

I'm not from India but I'm of South Indian origin... and 70% of people I know have curly hair. 90% of those curlies relax their hair, as I have for the past six years. I've recently decided to embrace my curls as I've had enough of boring stick straight hair, and I've completely forgotten what my natural hair looks like!

I'm meeting with opposition from all directions and getting insulted to boot for letting my hair grow. Mum said my hair is ugly, it will make me look old, etc. Not long ago when I got my hair trimmed, the stylist asked me if I wanted to touch up the curly growth. I said no, I'm growing it out, not relaxing anymore. He said curly hair is not nice, and it's damaged anyway, all his Indian friends do it. He also said my hair was very thick and voluminous, like it was a bad thing! Look who's talking, he's the one with hair so damaged it was like toothbrush bristles.

I'm so grateful for this website. It really helps to come on here and be with people who really love their curls.
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I'm African American, and I used to relax my hair. I've also known Hispanics that get relaxers but this is the first time I've ever heard of Indians relaxing their hair. I guess there's a first for everything...Of course, I don't know very much about Indian culture either. Which is really why this thread caught my eye in the first place.
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That's the first time I've heard of Indians relaxing their hair, too. And I'm Indian, living in areas of high concentrations of Indians. Most people do flat iron, I'll admit, and some get TR, but that's rare. I've never heard of anyone relaxing it until this thread. Maybe it's popular in certain areas with lots of people with ethnic hair, and it came in with that?