How he identifies or defines himself is HIS decision and HIS business - no one else's. But in general, the world sees him as a Black man, not this "biracial" business, so I don't think it is that crazy to call himself Black. And not all people of mixed race are conflicted or have issues - that's rather insulting to assume.
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I'm curious how it's insulting to assume that biracial people are conflicted/have issues. Even if the person doesn't let it get to him, he often has to go through a lot of prejudice from both sides. Case and point: white people call Obama black, but then there are black people who say Obama isn't "black enough" for them. I would think that kind of exclusionary torture that people put biracial people through must have some kind of detrimental effect on a person's outlook.

I'm not an Obama supporter, but I feel sorry for him that both sides aren't doing him any favors. He's both black and white and should be accepted into both circles.