I had very good results today with the paddle brush *after* putting in my gel (mixed with some honey). It's the last picture on page 2 of my album.
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Your hair looks beautiful, Medussa.

What type of gel did you use? The gel did not get hard while you were brushing it?
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Cehua, I hardly ever see you anymore.

I use a mixture of AnGell, Suave AV Anti-Frizz Gel and FOTE AV Gel. I added a little bit of honey to the mixure today.

The gel didn't harden while I brushed. I don't have a lot of hair, so I only brushed it through twice on each side and the back. Then I gently scrunched out the big clumps. Once dry, I scrunched again.
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Thanks, Medussa. Your results are so beautiful. You are making me want to pick up the brush again. I just cut my hair to chin length so maybe brushing will work this time.

I will let you know if I try it again.

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