Confession, I never liked curly hair on guys. No idea why now--and since my hair has gone curly (until about two years ago it was just wavy-2a, sometimes b, now it is closer to 3b on a good day, so lots more curl) I see it differently.
I get mixed feedback, but since it has gone curly, I have had men tell me on good hair days that I look much younger, and that it minimizes the gray, and makes it look more like frosting than aging.
That is enough to encourage me to leave it down and curly, and keep seeking the ever elusive HG product(s)!

CG since Tuesday!
July '08
Suave Naturals Trop Coconut for cowash
Giovanni Direct Leave in-looking for a better option
FX Curls Booster gel-liking this so far
--and with a shopping list an arm long of new things to try! LOL