I have an 18 month old with fabulous ringlets, but my hair is straight and I don't know how to manage hers. I've attached some photos. Are these 3A curls? Is it usual for them to be flat on top and then curl? Or might (heaven forbid) her hair be changing? I wash her hair every 4 days or so when she gets dirty, and right now just spritz it with water and a smidge of lavendar to control it in the morning. But it gets pretty frizzy and messy by the end of the day. No tangles, though. Is it time to try products in her hair? Also, I want to let it grow long, but wonder if a cut might help shape things. Thanks for your opinions.
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Curly 18 month old and straight mom-anp-hair-low-res.jpg   Curly 18 month old and straight mom-anp-hair-2-low-res.jpg