Hi, my hair is 3b/3c also. You have really nice length! I use products w/o a lot of chemicals, so these are pretty natural:

shampoo: was using aubrey organic honeysuckle rose; just switched to Terresentials Left Coast Lemon which has the consistency of clay, but is less drying (I had a Deva cut the other day, and she said to shampoo about once a month - who would have thought?)

conditioner: aubrey honeysuckle rose (I love this but have used it for years, so going to try Oyin & MHC for a change)

leave-in: jane carter revitalizing leave-in conditioner

styling: jane carter hair nourishing cream (love this & use lots of it), jane carter condition & sculpt (really keeps the frizz away, but not hardening or crunchy)

I ordered some all-natural products from MyHoneyChild, not sure how they'll work yet.

I'd be really interested to hear what other 3b/3c's use!