I trimmed my daughters hair just before we started CG and it has thickened up and grown loads now and we only started CG 2 weeks ago!

I think your daughter has the same kind of curls as mine by looking at it but yours has alot more hair and curls at the moment. My daughters hair only starts to curl at the bottom and before I cut it it was all ringlets but for the greater good I had to cut it to help it grow.

I refuse to use styling products on my child as I think they should get frizzy and messy because thats what kids do. However I used put a little leave in conditioner in her hair and that sorted out the frizz but since doing CG I dont need to as it isnt frizzy anymore but her curls do tent to fall out by the end off the day.

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From U.K & started CG 13th July 08

Using VO5 Moisture Milks Passion Fruit Smoothie for co-washing and conditioning.

Using Boots curl creme

Considering going Mod-CG and using H&S once a week to prevent build up, flakes and other nastys.

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