After 41yrs (15 of them married) of hating my hair, I recently decided to embrace my curls. My husband had the audacity to tell me "I don't like curly hair." Now, I was never japanese straight... On a good day, it was wavy, without the frizz. But usually frizzy. After my friend enlightened me with DevaConcepts and the Curly Girl book, my ringlets are coming to life without the frizz. I can't believe my husband said that to me!!!!
PS He's bald!!!
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Does he have the right to talk if he's bald? I would tell them that you are happy with your curls...maybe use the excuse it takes less time than to straighten it. It works for my bf all of the cause he gets annoyed when I spend hours in the bathroom.
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September 23, 2009
Update: 10/12/2009 I can't stop playing with my curls!! So soft, shiny and manageable!!!! IN LOVE WITH DEVA Products!!!!!! YIPPPIE!!!!