But unfortunately, after a while I do notice my hair looking and feeling dryer so I never keep up daily washing for very long. I'd just pay attention to your hair, and if it starts seeming drier than usual, give the washing a break.

More than 2 or 3 times a week for me and I enter the DZ (danger zone).
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I've noticed it too, lately (in my hair, not yours ). I thought it was perhaps the Fantasia IC. But it must be the daily experimentation with products and washing my hair everyday. Before I became hooked into fussing with my hair again, it looked pretty good when I did go natural. Most of the time, I had it pulled back. Therefore, I was washing it about 1 time a week. Twice, tops. I'm going to do some deep conditioning today and won't wash my hair until next Tuesday.

I can wet it everyday, right? As long as I don't CO wash?
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I must say that I'm finding the Fantasia IC to be to heavy/too drying/too crispy for my hair on most days. It works best for me immediately after a deep conditioning.

I really like the Suave Professionals Healthy Curls Mousse much better.
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