But unfortunately, after a while I do notice my hair looking and feeling dryer so I never keep up daily washing for very long. I'd just pay attention to your hair, and if it starts seeming drier than usual, give the washing a break.

More than 2 or 3 times a week for me and I enter the DZ (danger zone).
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I've noticed it too, lately (in my hair, not yours ). I thought it was perhaps the Fantasia IC. But it must be the daily experimentation with products and washing my hair everyday. Before I became hooked into fussing with my hair again, it looked pretty good when I did go natural. Most of the time, I had it pulled back. Therefore, I was washing it about 1 time a week. Twice, tops. I'm going to do some deep conditioning today and won't wash my hair until next Tuesday.

I can wet it everyday, right? As long as I don't CO wash?
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I think wetting it everyday should be fine. Even CO washing every day, if you are not prone to getting overconditioned. I will wet and condition almost daily in the summer and it doesn't dry out my hair.

It's experimenting all the time that makes me wash my hair too much too! You want to get all the products out of your hair before you try something new.
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