What a lifesaver!! Everyone on here is expressing the same issues and frustrations that I am.

Basically, I have recently discovered that I am NOT a curly really, but a frizzy, coarse wavy. It's no wonder I was so frustrated over on the 3 boards and the others...No wonder those routines and products didn't work!

Not only that but HOLY MOLY I am tired of obsessing about my hair. I just want it to look neatly styled and presentable every day. Is that too much to ask?

In my younger days I never obsessed like this. I mean, I did, but I had figured out a pretty good system: I pulled the top part of my hair into a ponytail or clip, gelled the hell out of it and let it air dry. Once it dried, it fell into soft, shiny waves. I look at pictures of myself from those days and my hair looks great.

Why did I stop doing this? I don't know. I got into straightening, and relaxing, and all kinds of stuff. I kept looking for a miracle product. Also, I found that the pulled-back looked great when I was young but now that I am "of a certain age", it has a tendency to make me look schoolmarmish and severe. Not the look I want!!

And it takes soooooo long for my hair to air dry...In the past I didn't care, because usually I wanted it to look sexy and pretty for evening, as that was Go-Out-and-Partay Time!!! But now,
I want it to look good in the daytime.

I guess I just have to give up on that dream. Because it can't. And I've tried putting it up and sleeping on it but all that does is give me Giant Frizzo Head. And I have to stop worrying how it looks in the morning because I want to spend my morning time in the gym, not fussing with my hair.

The endless routines and endless line of products they describe on the other curly threads...Good God, I do NOT have the time or patience. Maybe if I got the results some of them do...but no. I can't use a diffuser to save my life -- and I don't want to. I don't want to plop, and pin, and scrunch, and coat, and fiddle, and twist, and on and on and, and apply this product here, and that one there, and this one layered with this one...enough already.

Back in the days I described, I just used regular shampoo and really good conditioners and I DT'd once a month and used a cheap rock-hard drugstore gel.

I'm going back to that. Wish me luck.
Modified CG. You'll pry my 'cones from my cold dead fingers! Mixed waves, coarse, below shoulder length, dark brown. I hate my hair but I'm trying to learn to accept it.

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