I have been on Armour for maybe 6 months, after coming off of the synthetic Synthroid. I have been feeling very fatigued lately and have scheduled an appointment with my doctor for blood test tomorrow morning. The only difference I noticed with my hair is, it has not shed as much. I am thinking on going back on the synthetic (will be talking to the doctor about this), due to the fatigue. I am on 90 mg a day with the Armour and when I was on the synthroid it was 0.125 at one time. I do not have a thyroid, due to surgery. Thanks for any help.
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There is no one that is optimized at 90mg (1 grain). For most people, it takes about 3-5 grains to get the Free T3 and Free T4 to the appropriate range (we hypos want to be close to the top of those ranges; FT4 at the top 1/3 and FT3 at the very top).

I would not blame the Armour -- I would blame the dose. Hopefully your doctor is progressive enough -- many of them aren't willing to prescribe more than 1 to 2 grains per day (also don't take it all at once -- multi-dosing is key).