With regret, I must post a negative experience with curlymomma.

I sent her a package of nine trial size products, most of them unopened, two partial. I only asked for actual postage, no other payment. The package came back to me because she gave me the wrong zip code. I mailed it again, which cost me additional postage, on March 4.

After that I heard nothing -- no replies to my PMs and emails, no payment. After two weeks, I posted a warning that I was about to give her a negative rating, and she PMd me with apologies and said she would pay in two installments.

It's been a week and a half since then, and I have received no payment, and no reply to my PMs and emails.

Curlymomma is quite active on the swap board, and I know she is trying to make other deals. I heard from another NCer who has had similar problems with her. I feel I need to warn people to get payment before sending anything. I don't know whether she intended to stiff me or if she just is very disorganized, but in either case, she is a slow (or no) pay.

I've never had a bad swap before and I really wish I didn't have to make this post.