Curlymomma is quite active on the swap board, and I know she is trying to make other deals. I heard from another NCer who has had similar problems with her. I feel I need to warn people to get payment before sending anything. I don't know whether she intended to stiff me or if she just is very disorganized, but in either case, she is a slow (or no) pay.

I've never had a bad swap before and I really wish I didn't have to make this post.
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That was me. Curlymomma and I had a sale transaction agreed upon and she never sent me the money promised (I even gave her an awesome deal). I had several other curlies interested in the various products, but, I held the products for her because she inquired first. My PM's went unanswered, and, to me that was silly as all that needed to be said was, "sorry, but I do not want them after all." I even posted a poll about the proper etiquette to get other people's opinions. I am not out postage or product as SuZen was, but, I was disappointed in the lack of communication. Like SuZen, I believe this information is important to pass on.