Her hair is BEAUTIFUL.

I'm so insulted by this, I don't know what to do. First and foremost, I'm insulted as a black female because I am so tired of this stigma that black women are poor and promiscuous. This woman is a freaking U.S. Congresswoman! What the hell was he thinking? NO respect whatsodamnever. It baffles me that no matter how much success black people can attain, we can ALWAYS get cut down to size by some arrogant white person. That blows my mind.

Secondly, I take offense because I am a black woman who chooses to wear her hair naturally and I am so sick of him implying that because her hair isn't burned straight like he's used to, that she's wild. If he wants to talk about her hitting police officers, which IS wrong, then fine. He can do that. But her personal appearance has nothing to do with that and he was WAY out of line.
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