Finished the 1st month of training for my 26.2 mile walking marathon. This week's "endurance" walk was only 4 miles. We actually walked more like 5 because of the loop in the park and getting back/forth to our car. We did about a 15 minute mile pace for the whole walk. My two toy poodles are good walkers, too! I don't think I'll take them for walks much longer than today's, though. They have tiny little legs - and are pretty tuckered right now!
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That is awesome. I have a peke-a-poo, she used to go with me on my long walks. One day she figured out that if she laid down on the sidewalk and refused to walk that I would put her in the bottom of the jogging stroller... I used to get the funniest looks when people realized I was pushing a DOG too. Maybe you should get a doggie stroller?
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We tried picking up the older toy poodle to carry her up this really steep hill - but she got real embarassed and squirmed until we put her down. I have a feeling they'd be humiliated in a doggie stroller!
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Apparently, my dog is too *good* to be seen walking... HA! Now, she won't even walk further than my street... so I manage her weight by managing her diet.
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