I want to join the thread! Maybe posting my runs will help me actually do them as opposed to just planning them and then only doing half of it.

I am doing a training program for a 10k that I'm running on September 13. I was never athletic AT ALL growing up (I twirled baton, but that was it), and I am a sloooow runner (about 5.5 mph), which I am ok with most of the time, but lately I've been wanting to add speed as well as endurance, which is hard to balance. My longest run to date has been 5 miles, but that included two brief walk breaks. I am up to running a full 4 miles pretty consistently.

I ran 4 miles in just under 44 min. today . I have a 2 mile run tomorrow, then another 4 on Friday and a 5 () on Saturday. We'll see how it goes...

If I could run the 10k at 6mph, I would be happy. Any faster than 6mph and I would be amazed with myself.
botticelli-ish bob.

Current Routine:
-Suave Aloe & Waterlily cowash/leave-in
-Giovanni Direct Leave-In
-FOTE aloe vera gel