It felt SO good to take a shower and have the water hit my scalp this morning. I am loving this cut.

I got it cut very short. She cut the sides and the back a little shorter (like ANTM's Jade) than I wanted but my hair still curls up in these cute little ringlets. The top was left a little longer which is good because the weight allows the ringlets/corkscrews to fall down instead of standing on my head. It is funny that the curls clump up a lot more that they are shorter. What is the deal with that? You guys are right that the hair texture changes. I finally have corkscrews and not the s shaped hair I get when I have longer hair.

The color is two shades lighter than my natural color. It is sort of an auburn.

My fiance is not liking it so much. He says it makes me look so different and he misses my longer hair. Tough, buddy! LOL He will get used to it. I am sure if he sees how much I love it, it will grow on him.

All of the women who have seen it tell me they love how it makes my features stand out but the guys like it longer. What is it with men and long hair?

So, where are the pictures?!! No pictures loaded yet. I am having trouble loading pictures on Fotki from my lap top.

I will try again later. I may have to resize them even smaller.

Now it is time to buy some new sassy earrings. I think I am going to go with a drop earring instead of hoops. I have a nice neck and I think the drop earrings will look better.

Thanks everyone for helping me along! I am loving my short hair.
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