My hair is dry, frizzy, and very undefined. At least. the top layer is. The top layer is like, super frizz monster. the bottom layer I can get to curl, but there is still some frizz and it's mostly hard skinny curls. I can wear my hair in a half up/half down, but never just all the way down. If I try to do that, it poofs, frizzes and expands.

So, just recommend me anything. I want to order something from Curlmart.

I've tried Too Shea, Curls Tea Ecstacy, and OneC. I honestly could not tell if there was any difference to my hair when I used them, but I want to try the OneC and Too Shea again.

This is a list of products that I sorta want to try, but can't make any deciscions:

- Curls Spiral Curl Cream
- Curls Souffle
- Regis Olive Oil Conditioner
- Tigi Moisture Maniac
- Deva Angell
- Suave Aloe Vera Gel

So yeah. Feedback on abovementioned products is appreciated, plus any new reccomendations.

(Oh. I still have to post my pics. I said I would like 3 weeks ago.)

ETA: I finally posted my pics. Most of them show the top layer of frizz, and some show the pretty undercurls. The first pic shows the side view of my hair. You can tell that the back is especially frizzy, and I have no volume at the roots and way too much volume everywhere else. There's also a texture shot of just the top layer of my can tell what I mean when it's not spirals, it's just flat frizz. And after looking at myself for a while, I decided that I think I do need a new cut. I have major triangle-head. I haven't got my hair cut in 1.5 years, not even a trim. (er, well I trimmed it crookedly myself in January. I cut off maybe 2 inches because it was bothering me.) But I do need to go to a proffesional stylist.

I should post a pic of my wet hair. It looks totally different.
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