Hello! I've just discovered this website

I think my hair is a 3b - but looking through the photos on here, everyone has gorgeous hair and mine is... well I've hated it for the past 30 years

It is super fine, and curliest down the sides but some areas of the back are almost straight. I have had it short a few times though have to be careful not to go too short or it curls up too much. Once it gets past a certain length I have to tie it back as it looks out of control: some bits straight, some curly and some frizzy. I think there's just not enough of it to weigh it down; if I go out on even a slightly windy day I get that 'dragged through a hedge backwards' look. I've tried loads of different products hoping they will transform my hair, but no joy yet

Any tips for a newbie? Or maybe I have a category of hair that hasn't been discovered yet