So I was looking through news articles on yahoo and found an article about a Mexican military man who was kicked out of the army 6 years ago because he test HIV positive, now he has won his job back (due to court decision & it happened in Mexico).

What are your views? Should HIV positive individuals be allowed in the military or not? If not is it discriminatory or a safety precaution?

ETA: I know and understand that this happened in Mexico and they have different viewpoints/rules than the US (as we have strict rules about diseases/disabilities) but I think we can still share our opinions on HIV positive individuals and military work (or any work for that matter) both in the US and outside of the US

I posted the article below for those who care to read.

Court has HIV-positive Mexican soldier reinstated

GUADALAJARA, Mexico - A Mexican soldier has won his job back six years after he was kicked out of the military for testing HIV positive.

The soldier from western Mexican state of Jalisco was removed from his job after 20 years of service. But a federal court has ruled in his favor.
The Center for Justice, Peace and Development helped fight the soldier's case. The group said Tuesday the decision includes back-pay.
The soldier's name was not released to protect his privacy. Both he and the army discovered he was HIV-positive after a work accident required blood tests and surgery.
A year ago, Mexico's Supreme Court ruled it was unconstitutional for the military to expel soldiers who test positive for HIV. Military officials refuse to comment.
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