wild~hair - Kripalu was fantastic. .... I am absolutely going back sometime!
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Thanks for the detailed update, 2poodles. Sounds amazing and very inspiring!

I would probably really benefit from a workshop like that. I've had so many helpful yoga instructors who've given me tips on how to manage my back, but to really immerse myself in it and focus on it would be wonderful.

Y'know, I was talking about my hip and leg bothering me, I had started to think maybe it was a symptom of my scoliosis, actually. But I did that yoga on Monday night and it eased up significantly right away, and by the next evening the pain was completely gone. This was something that had been getting worse and worse for over a week. Amazing what yoga can do.

I'm keeping up with the yoga and it hasn't come back. I think keeping up my core strength is really helpful, which is something that had been neglected, with all the biking I was doing.

When I was first diagnosed with scoliosis, they told me to do sit ups so as to strengthen my abs and better support my spine. So it makes sense that yoga would be so beneficial.

Here's my update:

25 minutes of yoga on Tue night

20 minutes of biking Wed night