Usually I do a 'pineapple-plop': before bed I mist with diluted conditioner or aloe vera until about 1/3 damp. Then I re-apply cream, Curls Souffle or SIF, add a little gel (I'm taking a quarter size, maybe 1/10 of what I'd normally use), and then very loosely pile my hair on top of my head hold with a very loose hairband; then I accordion my hair down on top of my head until it's compressed plopping style. In the morning I usually get pretty good 2nd day hair, at which point I don't have to do anything at all to it.

This works for me b'coz 1) my very long 3B hair takes waaay too long to dry, 2) the pine/plop re-forms curls & repairs the frizz of the dair, 3) I am not a morning person.
3B, bra-strap length
laidback, very-modified CGer
HG: GF Sleek 'n Shine Leave-in; Alagio