Thanks for the running tips! I saw the info about HIIT on here earlier this week and was intrigued. I plan to start incorporating it 1-2 days per week on my non-long run days.

I walked 4 miles with DH last night. No formal exercise planned for tonight, but we are meeting friends for bowling (that should count, right???), and I have a 4 mile run scheduled with my running buddy for in the morning.

As a side note--I never seem to be able to complete long runs on a treadmill. They seem easier to me outside. It doesn't *seem* like I get bored, they just seem hard to me in the gym, but much easier outside for some reason. Maybe it's just that my mind is more entertained by the change of scenery, change of incline (I run in a fairly hilly area) etc... Anyone have a similar experience?
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I absolutely, absolutely HATE, HATE, HATE running on a treadmill. That is why I am doing the HIIT, the intervals are enough to keep me distracted and I don't run for as long, just enough to do the intervals. I run outside most of the time and only do HIIT one time a week. I had to come up with something to do on Wed. mornings because my DH decided to go to a 5:30am exercise class at the gym. I've got a treadmill at home and Wednesday's have always been my running day. So, here I am. You are not alone.

I miss my running partner, she moved last year, and I've not found another!!
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CK is the one!!

as of 6/17/10 - I have to add Joico!

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