I have'nt posted a pic yet but I am pretty sure I'm a 3b. I have really ringlet type curls close to my scalp and they get more defined the shorter my hair is. The layers on the bottom half of my head are more wavy then curly. I have a lot of hair but it isn't thick, it's more fine and frizz prone in humid weather. I also have to make sure I don't use heavy products since my hair will tend to droop and way down the curls.

I have used Biolage Creme Curls for a few years now and that seems to be the best product but at times it seems like my hair gets use to it and starts to get greasy when I use the cream on the second day without shampooing.

Anyone have some products they like and use faithfully?

The last time I went to the salon to get my Biolage they were out so the stylist convinced me to try Paul Mitchell's Skinny Serum-it smells delightful and it makes the curls soft, a little bit on the frizzy side but defined curls so I am not completely sold because of the frizz factor and that the curls kind of go all over the place.

Any thoughts?