thank you highlyaddictive, that is really nice to hear. my hair was dry last month, so a stylist suggested shampooing once a month & conditioning every day. i've been using terresentials left coast lemon shampoo about every 3 weeks or as needed, & co-washing daily w/ MHC honeynutt conditioner on the scalp & Aubrey HR on the ends.

i started going all-natural thanks to tips from the all-natural forum, & really like MHC products. when it's still soaking wet, i flip it over and comb MHC sweet almond milk through w/ my fingers (although SA is kind of thin, so i'm going to try their honey hair milk next); then i comb through MHC honeylove pomade (w/ fingers), and flip the hair back again.

next i take a tiny bit of MHC type 3 hair cream, rub it between hands my hands like lotion, & run it through the hair to reduce frizz. finally, for the top layer, i have to comb my fingers through a small section of hair, holding it straight up, & then slowly letting it fall into place (using a little product or water as needed.) that step takes anywhere from 5-15 minutes, depending on the hair's mood, lol.

i'm glad the natural products are working ok