DH decided to go to Shenandoah National Park yesterday, so I ended up hiking a very hilly 4 miles instead of running 5. I could tell that running has paid off in increased endurance. I used to be such a wimp, but now my DH kept asking me to slow down .

This morning I did a quick 2 mile run. I tried to do intervals similar to the HIIT method, but I was running outside without a HR meter, pedometer, or even a stopwatch, so they weren't exact (I timed them off of the songs on my ipod), but the best part is, the HIIT helped me beat my personal best for time for 2 miles (I am a SLOW runner, so that wasn't very fast, but still...)!!!

I have a 5 mile scheduled with my running partner tomorrow morning. I am hoping not to take walk breaks, but our route has two killer hills, so there might be some walking involved.

Thanks so much for this thread! It is helping me stick to my training plan (or at least makes me get moving in some way even if I don't stick to the original plan), and the advice has been great for this fairly new runner!!!!
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-Suave Aloe & Waterlily cowash/leave-in
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