I was nervous to get bangs, but I'm so glad that I did. It's just the best, simple way to spruce up a hairstyle!

I originally had my bangs straightened with my curly hair... like so:

Now, I'm wearing my bangs curly. Here are some pictures, sorry if the quality isn't that great... I just took them with my phone.

I hope this helps! Good luck with whatever you decide to do!
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I love.love.love. your hair!!! Mine is curlier than yours but I think I could get a similar style. What did you ask your stylist for? Did you get it thinned at all or does it just naturally cooperate (if so, lucky duck!)?
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Ok, so I originally had my stylist cut my bangs so I would be able to do a straightened side bang like the original picture. I eventually got tired of straightening them, although I liked how it looked. I just kinda played with them for a while to try to get them to work. If you twist your bangs, they GENERALLY go where you want them to be.

You should be able to do this. My hair is slightly curlier than it is in this pic. I had it back all day and took it down when I got home.

Never shopped at CurlMart...yet. I'll hopefully be able to do that soon.

Right now I've been shopping at Trade Secret--their rewards program is just too...REWARDING to miss out on. If anyone has had tremendous luck with any salon professional products, send a PM my way. Thanks.

I've just recently 'officially' started CGin' it up.

3A...with some 3B maybe.