I have lupus as well (dx at 19) and also take tons of medication. We're talking about 10-12 different medications. And this is odd, but I wonder if the prednisone I've taken has changed my hair. Although, my hair started getting curlier at puberty (my mom also has curl) but really has gotten much curlier since I've been on lot's of prednisone. It seems I can never get off of it. I'm a medical student and think what's happening to hair is important. Many systemic diseases can cause hair changes. My rheumatologist asks me every time how my hair is doing. When I'm really ill it will get very thin, brittle and fall out. On the other hand, when I've had too much prednisone I start getting hair in the wrong places. So diseases and nutrition can really affect your hair. I have a friend with crohns disease. She can't absorb a lot of nutrients and her hair is literally falling out because of it.
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