I beat my 2 mile time (again!) this morning by doing intervals on the treadmill. I usually wimp out on the treadmill, but the intervals kept me interested, and I came in at 19:30!!! (I know that this is still a pretty slow time for most ). I think I could have done faster by going even faster on the hard intervals and taking shorter break intervals, but I wanted to make sure I didn't burn out the first time I tried it.

I also did 15 minutes of crunches/upper body work. I LOVE upper body work. I am a wimp in that I cannot lift a ton of weight, but I do bunches of reps, and I love the almost instant results I see in my upper body.I wish I could say the same for my abs and thighs, which I am NOT loving right now.
botticelli-ish bob.

Current Routine:
-Suave Aloe & Waterlily cowash/leave-in
-Giovanni Direct Leave-In
-FOTE aloe vera gel