My favorite story was the guy who said he was a chef, with a snooty air. And it turned out he specifically cut up vegetables at an old folks' home. When he walked in (early) he looks around and I'm the only female in the room, and says "well, typical women are going to be fashionably late." The woman running the thing and I just looked at each other... When he got to my station, he said he likes eating out at nice restaurants, looks me up and down and says "I can tell you do, too." Umm.... wow. He then spent far too much time bragging about how he had a really nice car. Given I had parked next to a different guy who drove up in a Corvette (and didn't mention his car) I was curious what this guy drove. Turned out, it was about a 5 year old Prelude. Now, I wouldn't think LESS of a guy for driving a Prelude. But I did think less of him for bragging about his fancy car...
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LOL! A prelude??! One of my friends did the speed dating thing once and the guy told her 'well you definitely like to talk, don't you?'.

There is actually this convention thing in Ohio that my sister is going to and my mom is pressuring me to go where you go to meet guys and they have speed dating. I wanted to go at first but now I'm thinking it's going to be a waste and a bunch of not my type people. Urgh..