Ok, I have been searching forever for a good product. I suppose that I am a cross between a 3b and a 3c (multiracial hair, african american and indian). I usually straighten my hair and go curly during the warmer months but I have never found the perfect product. I love my hair when its "just out of the shower", defined curls, not puffy, not frizzy. Can anyone recommend any products that do this? (my first time on this board). Thanks!
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I use Smooth N Shine's Curl Activator Gel (I water it down A bit) when I wear a ponytail. I tried it wearing my hair down and it came out very nicely in addition with the Smooth N Shine Mousse (there are two kinds...not the curl one...it has alcohol). With the mousse, the hair is more bouncy and the curls are more elongated. However, with the gel alone it's more shiny. I don't wear my hair down often so, I guess you can experiment with the products.