It's BEAUTIFUL ! I love it!
I used Cantu shampoo and conditionor, then I used Pantene prov intensive curl hydrating mask, then I used long aid activator gel with aloe vera and panthenol and additonal glycerin.
I love it, it's not quite dry yet, but it looks so pretty. I still have 3b c and 4a curls. I now have to wait for it to dry to see how it will look.

I also brought some smooth and shine curling mousse. i couldnt find the smooth n shine gel

I also brought some elasta QP feels like silk, I've used this before and I think it will work good on my hair.
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Did you buy the SMooth N Shine Mousse from a pharmacy? If so, I never see the Curl activator gel there. I only know of Beauty Supply stores selling that gel.

Although I never used the curl mousse, I got a refund cause it had (and personally smelled strongly like) alcohol. I didn't wanna chance putting it into my own hair. You may get different results though, I dunno. I used the gel and the other Smooth N Shine mousse (alcohol free..not specifically for curls) together, and it made my hair look nice and bouncy with little shrinkage, however it didn't look as shiny when I used the gel alone (alot more shrinkage).