oh for sure! black indians are real!
My fiance is a card carring black indian, even though he's also mixed with mexican, german,and brazilian- which consists of native south american,african,and portugese.
I'm trying to get my card so I can be 'offical', it's not that I care if the government recongnizes me, it's just i"m tired of people being so sarcastic like, yea EVERYBODY is mixed with native american. If I had my card I could just pull it out on them and what their faces say "oh...".

Not to mention if I had all that, I'd be able to learn more about the culture, which is sad that I dont know anything about it.
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LOL sorry guyz for throwing the subject a little off!

OMG You sound just like me! I want the card really badly as well, the problem is that my Grandmother doesn't even know where her own birth records are. She is Tsalagi/Cherokee, but doesn't have a card either. She figures, why should she go through so much to get a card from the "white" government to prove her own heritage.

Also, alot of Native Americans refused to be labeled as Native Americans in the early 1900s cause it was lower than being white and even black. So I dunno if maybe her parents shunned away from the label because of that and never signed gov't things like that.

Anyway, like you've stated, I'm tired of some of the negative responses that I get from people telling me to just choose one race and I'm sick of it. I think that card will put alot of my personal stress to the side for good. I'd be sooooo relieved. ALso, the card is a very crucial necessity when it comes to learning and fellowshipping (if that's a word) with other Natives, especially at gatherings, powwows, and other functions.

PLeeeeeeeeeeeeease, PM me when you get a chance so I can talk and ask questions pertaining to getting my CDIB card, cause there is far too much fraudulence out there.