I just a few days ago cut my relaxed hair off. I love it. I put some sort of gel in it everyday, the only problem I have is when I sleep on it it' gets matted and I 'have' to wet it in the morning, but that's okay because I've been no-pooing it pretty much. I dont have any problems with dryness. I'm so excited because now I just know my hair will grow so much faster because i'm not fighting it to make it striaght so my ends will be stronger, oh and I love the color and it's so soft.
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I haven't tried this yet, but "vivasmom" made a suggestion for eliminating her daughter's (gorgeous hair :P ) morning matted hair:

"I either section it into four sections and just do regular braid, or I try to do a french type braid. OR, tonight for example, she didn't get her hair wet in the tub tonight, she wore her hair in 4 ponytails today, so when her bath was over, I just combined 2 sections and made a braid (not french or anything, just a regular braid) so she had two braids on the sides of her hair. I didn't wet it or comb it or manipulate it in any way. It took about 3 minutes total. but will save me 1/2 hour in the morning. Now I will just unbraid in the AM, add avocado oil, sprotz with water mixed with conditioner and either re-braid or do ponytails. 5 minutes of work tops"