I am not doing the online thing so I am not sure if I will be disqualified from playing...

Anyway, I have been dating a lot for fun. There is one guy that I have a strong connection with. We have been dating all summer. We always have fun and there is a lot of chemistry. Both of us know each other are dating other people. Last night I told him how I felt about him. He told me that he was too unstable and would end up hurting me. Then added that I should continue to date more and we should be friends for now.

I have enough friends.

I appreciate the honesty, but damn, that sucks. He always made the first move so I thought he was interested. I hate putting myself out there. Now I remember why I usually wait for the guy to share his feelings first.

It stings because not in my whole years of dating have I had such a connection with someone. I will get over it because I know there are other men out there that I will share the connection with. It hurts all the same.

Sometimes I hate dating in NYC. Dating here seems much more complicated than other cities I lived in.