So, I haven't posted, because I've been having some mixed emotions.

The date went well and we both enjoyed the concert. When I emailed him to say thank you, he said that he was looking forward to our pets' playdate, but didn't actually ask us to join them anywhere which I thought was weird. I don't know what to say.

Now for the mixed emotions...I came home crying. The whole time I was at the concert, I was thinking about my ex-boyfriend. We haven't been together in years, but we hooked up when I was home at the end of June. I can't help it. There's just something between us that I can't explain. I know we're not right for each other, but I'm afraid I'll never have that connection again with somebody else. I seriously thought we were going to get married before things fell apart. Even my mom loved him and was excited that we were spending time together when I was home.
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Give the guy from the date sometime. He still might call to ask for a second date...If it's been 2 -3 weeks, then I would say forget it.
About your ex...I find that until you find someone else, you never really move on.
Sorry about that.