I've been lurking for a few weeks, so I thought it was time to register and join you all properly!

I'm not quite sure what my hairtype is, my hair kind of looks like Kelis'/Amel Larrieux's/Rachel True's, so I guess that's a 3c or 3b7 or something?

Also, I would really appreciate your input on some of these products I just ordered. I ordered some Kemi Oyl products and also BBD's stretch growth and glass. I heard the girls from Miss Jessie's used these products when their salon was still called "Curve" and later on created the CP. Has anyone tried BBD? How does it compare to CP? I would love to order CP, but the shipping is so expensive (I'm in Europe)!

Have any of you tried Olive Oil Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion by Organic? Ladies (and Gents ) you should try it! I love it, it's very creamy. I use it on soaking wet, conditioned hair and it's great to moisturize 2nd day hair too! It's only 3 dollars or so.

Well I'd love to hear from you!

xoxo Miss Dogla
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Hi welcome
Je naam zegt het al, je bent zeker van Nederland
I dont care for kemy oil products and havent tried BBD or Curly pudding. Curly pudding is just too expensive and BBD doesnt list ingredient lists
(so I've heared). So that closes the door for me. I use cheaper products with good results. But I hope they work for you. What are your holygrails at the moment?
4a/4b little 3c